Chilled water

Installation of chilled water as a traditional alternative to Freon air conditioning systems is an interesting and relatively inexpensive alternative.

Although it is difficult to design and implement thanks to the experience of company AK Klimatyzacje, this method is often used and assembled to a full extent by our specialized teams from the stage of project to the stage of the investor acceptance.

It fulfils its task and it is cheap to maintain.

The ice-water cooling system is identical in its design to heating systems. It differs in that it is powered not by hot but by cold water with supply temperature 5-10ºC and return temperature 10-16ºC. This water, called chilled water due to low temperature, is distributed through a pipe system from the source to the receivers. The installation consists of a large number of fittings (three times larger than in Freon air conditioning systems). The fittings control the flow of water to the individual receivers. Chilled water units are the source of the chilled water. These are heat exchangers, where Freon is the intermediate between heat transfer between water and air. Ice water is often a solution, due to uncomfortable coagulation at 0ºC.

Receivers in such systems are predominantly fan coils, i.e. water-air heat exchangers. When we generate airflow through a fan coil in which ice water flows, we will take heat from it and thus increase the chilled water temperature (5-6 degrees).

Chilled water needs a pump to supply water by pressure to reach the end receiver. Proper water orientation and temperature regulation is a complex issue. It is based on a series of pressure balancing valves that stabilize flows on specific stretches, and our mixing experience makes our system perform smoothly and efficiently.

The undoubted advantage of such installations is the very low maintenance cost, which is very important matter in large installations. Costs arise from the price of electricity to supply pumps and control cylinders.

Investment outlays for such installations are generally higher than for Freon installations. These installations are much more difficult to design, verify and control. However, a well designed and executed installation works just as well as Freon installations and is cheaper to use.
By using the service of the design and implementation of such installation by AK Klimatyzacje, the investor receives a ready-made chilled water system fully made and serviced by our specialists.