We specialize in the comprehensive application of air conditioning equipment for:

  • single-family homes and flats;
  • premises and shopping, catering and service malls;
  • IT and telecommunications facilities;
  • banks and public utility buildings;
  • laboratories and technology rooms;
  • hospitals and clinics;
  • office buildings and meeting rooms;
  • pharmacies and drug stores.

Types of cooling and heating air conditioners with heat pump:

SPLIT – one indoor unit is connected to one external unit;
MULTISPLIT – up to 9 indoor units connected to one external unit;
VRV, DVM, MULTI-V – up to 64 indoor units connected to one external unit;
Indoor units – cassette, duct, wall, ceiling, floor;

COMPACT type air conditioners – to be mounted in a window or on the external wall;

  • portable air conditioners (fans) – with a pipe or an outside condenser;
  • roof air conditioners, air conditioning units;
  • chilled water units and fan coils.

Scope of the company’s activities in the field of air conditioning:

Sales of branded air conditioning equipment of reputable companies i.e.:
LG, Gree, Samsung, Lennox, Technibel, Mitsubishi.
For partner companies we offer favourable price discounts, technical and commercial materials.
Technical advice.

Complex service for end users;

  • installation and commissioning of air conditioners, periodic inspections, warranty and post-warranty service, service contracts;
  • measurements of the effectiveness of air-conditioning systems;
  • electrical measurements needed for premises acceptance, including lighting measurement;
  • design of the most optimal solutions of the air conditioning system and selection of air conditioning equipment